Small company, Enterprise level experience!

The PC Whisperer is a family-owned, faith-based, IT company focusing on proactive computer maintenance, data and identity protection, and cyber security. Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, we’ve proudly served commercial customers from Denver to Colorado Springs and the entire Front Range since 2008. We support a wide range of IT needs…from the Internet to your Fingertips.

We’re a small company with 25+ years of experience offering IT consulting and full-service support. We consistently focus on the big picture. Yes, we can fix nearly any computer and network issue, but our passion is helping small-business owners achieve greatness with technology that works for them rather than against them.

If you’re tired of piecemeal solutions using network elements that don’t work well together, or if cyber security concerns keep you up at night, contact us today to see how we can help.

Home based business

If you run a business out of a home office, you probably don't enjoy trying to get essential advice from a part time employee at one of the electronics box stores. After all, you need the same timely answers as a corporate CEO and the same access to time-tested solutions for reliability, user efficiency, and system security.

But you need to work with a professional who’s also in tune with the challenges facing a home-based business. The service must be cost-efficient, adding value that helps drive growth. We’ll make sure you’re running at the most profitable and secure level possible.

Our long-term hope for you, and all our home-based business clients, is that one day we’ll get that call that you’ve outgrown your home office and need our help to set up your new outside office!  Let's grow together!

Micro or Small Business

Yes, we’ve served large clients – government contractors, corporations, consultants, and retail shops. Now our mission is to offer all of that computer training, maintenance, and repair experience to the often-forgotten and frequently neglected “Micro Business” owner.

Many large IT firms focus on the big money – the companies or corporations with more than 25 users or devices. In fact, several of these IT managed service providers routinely refer smaller companies to us (they call them the “scraps”). But if your company has fewer than twenty-five computers per location, you’re our ideal client.

We perform the same services as the big guys – remote monitoring and patch management, for example. But because we focus on the smaller offices we can also do our favorite users, not just fix computers.

Even though you may not be in a position to hire a well-trained IT support employee, we know as well as you that you’re large enough to have unique enterprise-level challenges. Make us part of your extended team and your computers will become the least of your worries. We understand…we're a small business too!

Managed Services

We have three tiers of service carefully designed to suit any small company’s  needs.
  • Our Silver plan is for companies that just want someone to watch out for them, remotely monitoring their network and servers.
  • Our Gold plan is ideal for 80% - 90% of our client base. We monitor and proactively maintain their network, servers, and workstations on a monthly or quarterly schedule.
  • Our Platinum package includes all those elements and adds a service very unique within the IT managed service world. We’re the client’s “Asset & Account Manager,” their day-to-day liaison with all their IT providers, including telephone, internet, e-mail, IT, and even surveillance and security system providers.  We work on their behalf on issues related to warranties, subscriptions, upgrades, and troubleshooting, saving them countless hours on the phone or in frustrating online chat environments.