How to prevent Virus infection.

First of all it is important to know that there is a big difference between Viruses and Malware (a.k.a. Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, etc.) Viruses are software programs designed to damage or dismantle a specific target. Malware is more-so a collecting or monitoring software that gathers information and performs a programmed task with that information.

Secondly, Viruses are more obvious than Malware. Viruses openly impact your computers performance. They will likely shut down functions or abilities of your computer. Malware on the other hand in most situations needs you to continue working while it performs it’s tasks behind the scenes. The longer it can perform it’s task unnoticed the better.

Finally, Viruses are mostly things of the past. Viruses were written by their programmers to see what they could do with their knowledge. Malware is designed around the concept that you have something they want. Typically it is for financial gain. And they derive it through identity theft, ransom, or unsolicited advertisements.

specific hardware in a computer, specific Operating Systems (a.k.a. Windows, iOS, Linux), or specific file types. Since the first sale of personal computers virus protection was necessary and seldom thought twice about.

These days, Anti-Virus software manufacturers have tried to offer a ‘suite’ of products such as ‘Privacy Protection’, ‘Firewalls’, and even ‘Spyware Protection’, in addition to their basic ‘Anti-Virus’ products. But, they have miserably failed in offering as solid of a product as their original claim to fame.

Anti-Virus products that are exclusively meant for Anti-Virus protection should be purchased and not the suite of products. Most of these suites offer tools that are included within the Operating System on your computer. Why load two of the same programs to only slow down your PC?

Products like Malwarebytes Premium are recommended by The PC Whisperer, Inc.

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