What is the best way to backup my data?

Today we store everything on our computers. Our family pictures, our accounting information, even our password lists. What would happen if you lost everything? Would you have extra copies of your first born child, or of your brand new business? How much time and energy would you lose as well as money trying to recover your precious information?

We recommend you have one or both of the following options in place for every computer you own.

a. External Hard Drive or Pen Drive – An external hard drive has its own power supply and is not dependent on any operating system or power from the main computer. This means if for any reason your computer were to fail to boot, your external drive would be able to be plugged into ANY other computer and your information would be retrievable. With a Pen Drive, there is no power supply and it is susceptible to static shock, but it is more portable and easier to work with.

b. Online Backup Solution – Companies like www.DiamondBackData.com offer a monthly or annual fee to back up your software to their servers. By doing this you are ensured that in the event of a fire or flood your data is not only stored on your computer but off site at another location. This keeps your critical files intact and safe.

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